About Us

INQABA YOKULINDA YOUTH ORGANISATION (IYYO) was established in 2003 as a non-profit organisation. We are a strong community based organisation advocating for people who cannot represent themselves, including the poor and needy, children, youth, former addicts and the former offenders. We are focused on assisting people who desire to move from dependency to self-sufficiency, move from welfare to empowerment through skills development thereby helping people to lead more comfortable, secure, sustainable and independent lives.

IYYO has acknowledged how to introduce and adapt new approaches to conduct effective programs, not only for the youth but also for women, children and people living with disabilities. The team believes it is part of the value chain in human development and it is important to network and form partnership with National Development Agency to build capacity and develop other underdeveloped people thereby by “pulling them out of the poverty in to the economic mainstream

Our campaign comprises of multi-media programs which will be supported by an aggressive outreach drive, including a variety of inter-linked products aimed at creating more dynamic youth society. The campaign builds confidence and capacity amongst educators, mentors, learners and youth by providing a support structure that facilitates integration into a competitive academic environment, which is currently hostile and unsupportive. As a highly motivated campaign, we envisage on maintain a balanced support structure to assist educators, governments sectors and youth at large through these challenging times. Through this collaborative effort, we hope to motivate youth to pursue their dreams and find their purpose, thereby increasing their chances of a brighter feature.

Our Mission

Inqaba’s programmes will enable Youth to fulfil their potential and take an active responsible role in society through simulative; distinctive and enjoyable programmes and to have a sense of community involvement along the way. This would form part off a fun, interactive and non-threatening environment in which the youth will be given the opportunity to talk about behaviours that could put them at risk of infection of HIV,STI’s,teenage pregnancies, drug abuse etc.


• To bring back and instill values and spirit of Ubuntu amongst youth in school and out of school
• Promoting and encouraging good relations, mutual trust and social coexistence
• Encourage participation by finding lasting solutions
• Promote values and creating a sense of being communal
• Create opportunity to share,learn,network and mobilize resources
• Create a vibrant healthy, active role within their group ensuring unity and uniformity
• Encourage youth to explore their creativity and turn that into formal careers by making it livelihood.