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Inqaba Yokulinda Youth Organization

INQABA YOKULINDA YOUTH ORGANIZATION (IYYO) was established in 2003 as a non-profit organization. We are a strong community based organization advocating for people who cannot represent themselves including the poor and needy, children, youth, former addicts and former offenders. We are focused on assisting people who desire to move from dependency to self-suffic iency, move from welfare to empowerment through skills development thereby helping people to lead more comfortable, secure, sustainable and independent lives.

Our initiative seeks to enable the youth to fulfil their potential and take an active responsible role in society through simulative; distinctive and enjoyable programmes and to have a sense of community involvement along the way.

Create a fun, interactive and non-threatening environment in which the youth will be given the opportunity to talk about behaviours that could put them a risk.

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